I discovered landscape photography in 2005 while sitting on a horse on a trail in Wyoming.  With the point-and-shoot digital I kept in my saddlebag, I snapped a photo of a mountain scene at sunrise.  The resulting image wasn’t like other pictures I had taken, this one had captured the essence of the scene.  It evoked emotions of the experience.  It was well-composed, well-exposed, and completely accidental.  I knew nothing about photography at the time, but creating that image resonated with something inside me, and I wondered, “Could I do it again?”

I’ve been asking the question ever since, at home and abroad, in the country and in the city, in scenes both spectacular and common.  When the answer is favorable, it’s my privelege to share the experience through fine art prints, and digitally on my website.  It’s proven an amazing journey and I do hope you’ll swing by to see the latest.

I live in Pine Valley, California with my wife and our five children.  When the light is gold and the shadows are long, you’ll find me chasing sunbeams across the hilltops.  Or in the rush hour commute wishing I was chasing sunbeams across the hilltops. See you out there.

~ Camden